Health and lifestyle coaching for balance and longevity


My name is Mark Davis and I can help you achieve lasting change in nutrition, exercise, and beyond.


Do you:

  • lack energy to get you through the day?

  • feel like you’re not running on all 8-cylinders?

  • want to achieve a better balance in your life?

  • have parents suffering from lifestyle diseases and fear that you’re on the same path?

Have you lost loved ones to preventable diseases?

How can a coach help?


  • online coaching

  • habit change and accountability for the long-term

  • diet & shopping guidance

  • and more


Have you:

  • tried over and over to change your habits?

  • felt frustrated with diets and lifestyle changes that don’t stick?

  • feared following in the footsteps of those you are watching suffer from lifestyle and avoidable diseases?

I’m here to help through coaching, encouragement, and accountability.


Want more info…?

why a coach? - about me - plans

options for eating healthy

I can help you navigate nutrition and diet choices

80% of how you look, feel, and perform is dictated by the food you eat. Nutrition (or lack thereof) is information for your genes. I will help you align your nutrition to what your genes expect, allowing you to unlock your true health and energy potential!

workout in the sun

Balance in exercise, movement, and training

Are you starting from scratch, a little intimidated and don't know where to start, or just lost touch with your past athleticism? I can help you build a manageable and realistic program that fits into your current lifestyle and fitness level. Combined with healthful eating and stress management habits, you will begin to feel and look better.

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Habit formation and accountability

“Your identity emerges from your habits. Every action is a vote for the type of person you want to be.” -James Clear

stress relief on beach.jpg

Lifestyle balance and stress reduction

Burning the candle at both ends can only work temporally...eventually the balance is due and could come at the cost of your health and time available with your loved ones. My coaching will teach and support you as you build a balanced lifestyle that will allow you to grow personally, professionally, and nutritionally for a lifetime. We will work together to help you discover and focus on what is most essential to you and your goals.